Dollar Tea Club – Overview

Dollar Tea Club is a loose leaf tea subscription that starts at $3 a month for 3 blends. I was drawn to Dollar Tea Club’s affordable price and interesting tea blend. When they reached out to send me some teas in exchange for a review, I was excited to accept.

I received 5 loose leaf blends from them along with some other goodies such as honey, stickers, and a tasting booklet. I tried each of the blends and am excited to share my thoughts.

Review of Dollar Tea Club Blends

Cranberry Harvest – My collection is mostly filled with caffeinated teas so it was nice to receive this rooibos tea to enjoy in the afternoon. I initially expected this tea to have a tart taste based on the initial scent of the tea when opening the packet. However, I found the tea to be well balanced. It has a subtle tartness that’s not overwhelming. This is a great blend for fall and is perfect for a cozy evening with a book.

Blueberry Blast – My first impression is that this tea tastes like a blueberry muffin! It has a sweet, fruity taste that’s pleasant and flavorful. I also enjoyed this tea as a warm drink but can definitely see it as a delicious cold brew.

Long Island Strawberry – I find that fruity teas can sometimes taste artificial. However, that was not the case with this tea. I found this tea to be refreshing, with a pleasant fruity taste. It reminded me of fresh strawberries. I initially tried it as a warm drink, but later made a cold brew from it too. Both tasted great, and it paired well as honey as well.

Butterscotch – I’ve honestly never tried tea that was Butterscotch flavored so I was excited about this one. As soon as I opened the packet, I noticed the delicious butterscotch scent. It smells sweet like the butterscotch candies I used to get as a kid. As for the taste, I found it to be delicious. It’s got a sweet, creamy flavor. It really does remind you of butterscotch except without all the sugar. This tea is definitely a pleasant surprise, and may actually be my favorite.

Maple Dream – The first thing I noticed when opening the tea was the delicious floral, almost fruity scent. However, after drinking the tea, I was surprised that it does taste like maple with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. I also liked the fact that this tea is caffeinated so it makes it was great for waking up on a Monday morning.

Final Thoughts

I was really impressed by Dollar Tea Club and their loose-leaf blends. I’ll be honest that I am sometimes hesitant to try flavored tea blends as they can sometimes taste artificial. However, I found Dollar Tea Club teas to be pretty good quality. What’s even more impressive is the price point, making it a great tea for people who are new to tea and want to try loose leaf without spending a fortune. Also as a side note, I found their tea to also be really pretty which made it more enjoyable to brew. I highly recommend trying out their teas!