I’ve been on a hunt for more loose leaf teas lately when I came across Beautiful Taiwan Tea. I was mostly drawn to the site for their affordable tea prices and great options. I decided to go for the jasmine pearls and four seasons oolong. Here are my thoughts

Jasmine Pearl Green Tea – In general, I am a huge fan of jasmine tea. I love how deliciously floral it is and how it seems to calm me down instantly with its fragrance. This jasmine has a light refreshing taste and tastes good even with multiple brews. I love that the pearls are rolled tightly into little balls that open up when brewed. If you’re looking for high-quality enjoyable jasmine, I would definitely recommend this one. 4/5

Four Seasons Oolong – This oolong was light, floral and sweet. When I first opened the package, it reminded me of something sweet and toasty like kettle corn! The taste however remains smooth and refreshing. The website describes it as having a “clean after-taste” and I think this is a perfect way to describe this tea. 4/5

Overall, I was happy with my order and would love to order again. They have a $5 flat rate shipping which isn’t too bad if you plan to order multiple teas. I would definitely like to try their black teas as well.