Awhile back, one of my friends went to Thailand and brought back butterfly pea flower tea for me as a gift. I was always mesmerized by the blue color and was excited to give it a try after seeing pictures on Instagram showing the bright colored tea. It’s hard to believe that the color didn’t involve any special dyes. Butterfly pea flower actually derives its colors from the petals.

Butterfly pea flower originates from South East Asia and the dyes have been used as an ingredient for centuries. The unique thing about butterfly pea flower tea is that it turns colors into a pinkish purple when adding lemon juice to it, making it seem magical. It’s a great way to add color or excitement to drinks or cocktails. It can be enjoyed both with hot or cold tea.

As for the taste, I’d say that on its own, the taste is really mild and almost tasteless. While I actually kind of like the mild taste on its own, the tea can be used with other herbal teas or lemon juice to add more flavor.

Luckily you don’t have to take a trip to Thailand to buy butterfly pea flower tea. There are many places online that you can purchase the vibrant colored tea for making drinks or adding a magical touch to your cocktails.