I find myself reaching for tea more often when I am feeling stressed. Something about brewing a cup of tea just feels calming and meditative. It is especially easy to feel overwhelmed with everything going on in the world right now, and tea has been helping me a lot. Here are 5 teas to reach for when you’re in need of stress relief:

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My Recommended Teas for Stress Relief:

Yogi Tea – Kava Stress Relief – This tea is one of my favorites for stress relief. It has a warm, toasty taste. It is made with a blend of herbs including kava root extract, ginger root, cinnamon and cardamon. Kava root is traditionally used as a natural stress relief.

Buddha Tea – Sleepy Temple – Buddha Tea is another brand that sells many great herbal teas for relaxing. This tea is great for enjoying at night time. It has a blend of calming herbs such as lavender and chamomile. Another great thing about this tea is that it is organic!

Celestial Seasonings – Honey Vanilla Chamomile – This tea is a great option if you’re looking for a relaxing tea that can be found conveniently as it is sold in many U.S. stores. This tea is as delicious it sounds, and has calming herbs such as chamomile.

Traditional Medicinals – Cup of Sunshine – Traditional Medicinals makes a lot of great teas, and this is one I reach for when I am feeling a bit stressed. Another great tea by them is Stress Ease Cinnamon which is also a good option if you’re a cinnamon lover.

These are four teas that I really enjoy when I am feeling stressed, and I hope you’re able to try them and enjoy their benefits as well. I would also love to hear what your favorite teas for stress relief are in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and hope you’re staying safe and healthy during this time!