I first discovered Harney & Sons while perusing the tea section at Target. I was drawn to the nice colorful tin packaging, but wasn’t too sure about the taste of the teas. However, awhile back, I tried a sample of Harney and Son’s “Paris” and I was quite impressed. Since there were some sales during Black Friday, I decided to do a bulk order of different teas to try. All teas were bought with my own money, and I wanted to share my honest opinions of each tea.

I was impressed with Harney & Sons quick customer service. Shipping is free, and my tea arrived pretty quickly. They did miss one of my orders, but they were quick to send me another one. The teas are fairly inexpensive. and there’s a lot of different options to choose from. They also include several samples with every order which is nice. I originally ordered Hojicha, Organic Darjeeling, & Hot Cinnamon Spice. I received samples of Japanese Sencha, Organic English Breakfast, Organic Green tea with mint, Organic Citron Green & Early Gray Supreme.Now it’s time to get into the teas!

Tea Reviews

Hot Cinnamon Spice – This one is a classic of Harney & Sons and is one of their best sellers. I was not sure what to expect, because the last time I drank cinnamon tea, it was so spicy I couldn’t finish. However, this tea is definitely not as intense, and has a sweet taste to it despite not having any added sugars. Definitely a great tea!

Hojicha – Hojicha is unique in that it is brewed with the stems instead of the leaves. This tea has a toasty, chocolatey aroma and taste. It is quite smooth and not too bitter. I can imagine that this tea would taste good cold as well. Overall, a great tea for when you’re looking try something different.

Organic Darjeeling – Darjeeling is known as the “champagne of tea.” This organic Darjeeling was quite delightful and probably my favorite tea from this haul. I find it to be very smooth and silky. The taste is delicate yet flavorful. There’s also a slight sweetness to this tea.

Japanese Sencha – I am a big fan of green tea and was excited to receive a sample of this Japanese Sencha. However, I found this tea to be OK at best. It has a mild roasted taste but the tea is rather bland, and not particularly fragrant. Personally, I think that there’s better options out there for the price.

Earl Grey Supreme – My first impression of this tea is that it smells amazing. The leaves have a fragrant citrus smell. This is quite an enjoyable earl grey with its blend of black and white tea. Its very uplifting and the caffeine makes this tea perfect for the mornings.

Organic Citron Tea – Sadly, for this tea, I was only given one tea bag and I added way too much water so I feel like I cannot give it a fair review (I was on my way to work and was rushing!). However, I did find the citrus taste to be light and sweet. I would definitely like to try this tea again sometime.

Overall, I am quite impressed with Harney & Sons tea. They have done a great job with all the different flavors. They offer great service, the teas are expensive, and they make it convenient to order teas from them with free shipping. Plus they have great packaging as an added bonus. I will definitely continue to order from Harney & Sons and I am excited to try out more teas from them!