Sips By is a monthly tea subscription box that curates teas based on your preferences. I signed up for the subscription box in hopes to discover different types of teas. I recently received my tea boxes for July and August. As we wrap up the summer, here are some of my reviews for these past two months.

Details about the box: $15 a month, 4 teas

Sips by Review for July 2019

Ahmad Tea – Ceylon

The flavor of this black tea is very mellow and light which I like to drink with breakfast or sweets. However the tea doesn’t really stand out to me. The flavors are not quite fragrant enough for me, making it a bit on the bland side. Overall though, it’s not terrible and it’s decent tea for the price. 3/5

Bare Leaves – Fujian Oolong

I grew up drinking oolong tea so oolong always brings back wonderful memories. This oolong doesn’t disappoint. The tea is fragrant and the flavors are toasty. I also really like the cute minimalist packaging. I will definitely be continuing to drink and enjoy this tea. 4/5

Nepal Tea – Kanchanjangha Verde

This tea has a very light and subtle taste. It is great of those who prefer a lighter more delicate flavor. I find it to have a floral aroma. Overall a very pleasant tea. 3/5

Miracle Tree – Organic Mango Moringa Tea

I am generally a big fan of mango flavored anything. However, this tea’s taste is a bit too herbal for me. The tea does claim to have a lot of health benefits. However, I just can’t seem to get over the somewhat medicinal taste. 2/5

Sips by Review for August 2019

Yaupon Brothers – American Green Yaupon

This is my first time trying Yaupon tea, and I would have to say it was an interesting taste. It has a very earthy and grassy taste. I am on the fence on whether or not I like the taste. It is a bit different from the usual teas that I drink, but it is not a bad taste. I also like the caffeine kick that it gives me. I feel like I would have to drink Yaupon tea more to really make a fair review. ?/5

Davidson’s Organic Teas – White Pomegranate

I found this tea to be an enjoyable pomegranate flavored tea. I like that it is tarte and sweet but not overwhelming. It is a simple tea with light caffeine, making it a perfect afternoon pick me up. 3/5

Tea Kitten – Pink Citrus Magik

This tea really is “magik” as it contains butterfly pea flower blossoms. Butterfly pea flowers are known for its blueish indigo color when brewed. Its unique color makes this tea very Instagram worthy. This tea also contains green tea, apple, purple dragon fruit, lemongrass, lemon peel and watermelon, making this tea a lightly caffeinated fruity drink. While I drank this tea hot, I feel like this would be a perfect tea to brew cold as well. The tea also recommends you put a few drops of lemon juice in it to see a change in color! I really enjoyed this unique flavored tea, and its pretty color. 4/5

The Republic of Tea – Organic Mint Fields

This mint tea is light and refreshing. It has a blend of peppermint, spearmint and lemon balm. It is a nice tea to drink in the evening as it does not have caffeine. Overall, it is a pretty nice and simple tea. 3/5


That wraps up my thoughts on the Sips By tea subscription box for July and August. I enjoyed trying different teas with unique flavors. This will be my last month with Sips By for awhile, as I have decided to stop my subscription for now to try other brands and services. Hope you enjoyed my Sips By Reviews for now. If you have never tried Sips By before, I still highly recommend it for people who are new to tea, or just want to try different unique teas. Thanks for reading!!

I would love to hear about your experiences with Sips By and what teas you have received. Please feel free to let me know in the comments below!