Sips By is a monthly tea subscription box that curates teas based on your preferences. I signed up for the subscription box in hopes to discover different types of teas. I am excited to share what I received for my April & May 2019.

Details about the box: $15 a month, 4 teas

Teas I Received for April

Fava Tea – Roasted Almond Chai

This tea is not like your typical chai. It is made of rooibois and gives off a bright red color would brewed. There is a sweet scent that is similar to the scent you get when walking into a bakery. I like that this chai is non-caffeinated making it a nice option for drinking tea in the evening.

The Steeping Room – Beautiful Coconut

I haven’t had many coconut teas, but this tea does not disappoint. It is a green tea with a tropical kick. The flavor is refreshing, and I don’t find the coconut to be too overwhelming.

Miracle Tree – Organic Blueberry Moringa

This blueberry tea’s flavor is not bad, but it does not really stand out to me. However, I do like that the tea is organic and that this tea is supposed to have a lot of health benefits.

Made of Tea – Organic Chunmee Green Tea

This is another organic tea to add to my collection. This is a delicious green tea. There’s a very toasty aftertaste which I enjoy. This tea has light caffeine, which makes it perfect for an early afternoon drink. I also love that since this tea is loose leaf, you can re-brew it. The taste on the second brew is still really good.

Sips By box for May

Teas I Received for May

Bare Leaves – Organic Nilgiri Black Tea

This is a great delicious black tea with a bright flavor. It is fragrant and delicious. I truly enjoy this tea. There’s no added flavors, allowing you to enjoy the black tea for what it is.

Zest Tea – Pomegranate Mojito

It’s funny that I received this tea in my box this month, as I have written a full review about the same tea on my blog previously before. This is a great high-caffeine tea, and I love that it gives me energy without the jitters. Feel free to read the full review on this tea here.

Tea Pigs – Lemon & Ginger

I am always on a lookout for a good ginger tea as ginger tea has many health benefits. This tea is pretty good, and I like that it is not too spicy. I do wish there was more of a lemon flavor. I do like that this tea comes in a nice sachet filled with whole leaves as opposed to the usual grounded up leaves in tea bags.

Buddha Teas – Organic Sleepy Temple

I don’t usually drink teas right before bed. However, I haven’t been getting the best sleep lately so I felt like it was a perfect time to try otu this tea. I do find the taste to be nice with a subtle sweetness to it. I feel like this tea also did help me feel a bit more calm before bed which was nice.

Please note: I was not paid to write this review. I bought this product with my own money and the review is based off my own honest opinion. However, I do have a referral link here. If you do use this link, you can get $5 off your first box it would just help me get some points towards a free box. Thanks for reading and for your support!