I recently took a trip to Seattle and found myself at Steepologie. This little tea shop instantly catches a tea lovers’ eyes. Walls are filled with all kinds of loose leaf teas and tea leaves can either be purchased or made into a drink to go. Canisters are color coded based on the type of tea (oolong, green, white, herbal, etc.) I was quite impressed by the variety of teas and the different flavors. Next to each canister is a little jar of the tea leaves for you to be able to smell the tea and enjoy the scent before deciding which one to buy.

Placed on the tables of the cafes are books about tea. I was very intrigued by these books and decided to take note of them. The tea shop also sells tea mugs and accessories. Staff members are are very friendly and are helpful when it comes to answering your questions.

Color coded tea canisters at Steepologie

After browsing the shop, I decided to place an order for a drink to go. I decided to order the “white champagne raspberry” and “mango fire.” You have a choice between hot or cold, and if you’d like it sweetened. The shop also makes tea lattes and bubble waffles.

I decided to get both of the teas made cold since it was a warm day. The tea is brewed and then poured over ice. Both my boyfriend and I were very impressed with the tea. Both were very refreshing and tasty. I added a little sweetener to the “white champagne raspberry,” and I found it to be a pleasant taste. The tea did not taste too artificially flavored which I liked.

Overall, I enjoyed the tea here and the variety of teas. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, I would highly recommend stopping by this shop. This tea shop is a great place to go for a quick tea drink or purchasing tea leaves for your collection.