Song Tea and Ceramics is a little charming shop located in a serene area in San Francisco. When I first heard about the shop from a friend and the tea tasting sessions they offer, I knew I had to try it.

If you do a search of Song Tea and Ceramics on Instagram, you would find a lot of aesthetically pleasing photos of the shop. The shop itself features a minimalist and stylish vibe. Delicate teaware is carefully displayed, and tea leaves are stored in simple yet elegant ceramic containers. When you walk in, you are welcomed with a lovely tea sample and friendly staff members. With the first sip of tea, I knew this place was special.

Tea tastings are offered on a walk-in basis. When we walked in, a tea tasting had just started, so we were told we could put our names down and come back later. Depending on how many people were in shop, you may be grouped with others during the tea session. Luckily, it was just my boyfriend and I in the shop during the time we went in so we got to have our own tea tasting session. The shop itself remained rather quiet on a Saturday afternoon, with only a few people a time.

When we were seated for a tea tasting, we were welcomed to a table with everything already set up. Each tea tasting is only $10 per person, and you get to try three different teas. Considering how expensive and unique each of the teas are, $10 was not bad at all for the experience. The tea shop staff made the teas for us and walked us through each tea. The whole experience was a great time to learn about tea, as we were able to ask the staff member questions. The staff member also catered the teas to our tastes. She would ask us what kind of flavors we liked, and what we did not like. After each sip of tea, we talked about what we tasted. We brewed each tea two times to see the difference of the second brew. Tea here, was an art. It was a calming, almost meditative experience.

Tea is measured and carefuly poured into the gaiwan.

One of the things that I like about this place is how welcoming and kind the staff members are. This place is a great place for people who are new to tea, and people who are avid tea drinkers. The staff members are friendly and willing to answer your questions. The whole tea-tasting experience was pleasant and unique. It also made me really learn to appreciate tea even more. Often times, I am chugging down tea for its caffeine and to stay awake. Through this experience, I was able to really sit down and enjoy the tea. I was able to think about the flavors and be present.

Unfortunately, we did not end up buying any of the teas themselves as they are rather expensive. In the future, it would be nice to be able to purchase some of the teas we try. If I ever have a chance to go back, I would also love to do another tea tasting and to experience other teas that they have in their shop. Overall, I felt really happy to have visited this shop and to try some of teas. If you are ever in San Francisco, I’d highly recommend giving this place a shot.