Sips By is a monthly tea subscription box that curates teas based on your preferences. I signed up for the subscription box in hopes to discover different types of teas. I am excited to share what I received for my February & March 2019!

Details about the box: $15 a month, 4 teas

Teas I Received for February 2019

Tea Fiori – White Rose

This tea was perfect for February and Valentine’s Day! It is a white tea with rose petals. I am a huge fan of rose teas, as they just smell and taste luxurious. I really enjoy this tea’s delicate & floral taste.

David’s Tea – Kashmiri Chai

I will be honest that Davids Tea’s teas are a hit or miss for me. However, I must admit that I enjoy this one. The aromas of this tea are not too strong and has a cinnamon taste that is not too overwhelming.

Harney and Sons – Paris

This tea is probably my favorite this month. It has a smooth fruity and caramel like taste. The tastes of black currant is strong in this one which I personally really enjoy.

The Jasmine Tea Company – Aria

This tea is a non-caffeinated herbal tea. The flavor is hard to describe with this one. It kind of reminds me of licorice with a slight sweetness to it. I wouldn’t say this is one of my favorite teas, but it is still a nice addition to my collection.

Teas I Received for March 2019

Traditional Medicinals – Stress Ease Cinnamon

I received this tea at a good time, since I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress lately. This tea has a light cinnamon taste. It is actually quite calming, and a nice cup of tea to have when I am feeling on the edge.

Tea Head – Strawberry Blend

This tea has a very sweet, candy-like aroma. The smell of strawberries is quite strong. The tea has a fruity, tart taste. I would say that I like the tea, but it is definitely not one of my favorites. I am usually not too big of a fan of fruity flavored teas to begin with, but this tea is not too bad.

Ollt Co – Organic Jasmine Green Tea

I love jasmine tea, and this tea does not disappoint. The tea is nice and refreshing, and is a great jasmine tea to add to my collection. This tea smells amazing as well, with a very delicate floral aroma.

Nepal Tea – Nepali Breakfast

This tea also has a cinnamon and cardomon taste. The tea is pretty good, but I doesn’t really stand out to me. I guess I have been getting so many teas with similar flavors. Nonetheless, I think it’s a great tea with a sweet after taste, and the cinnamon is not too strong which I personally like.


I really liked the February and March teas and I love that Sips By gives you the opportunity to try different types of teas. I do feel like I got too many cinnamon flavored teas this time around, so I will probably tweak my profile a bit for next time. Nonetheless, I love the different varieties of teas and the option to personalize your box!

I would love to hear about your experiences with Sips by and what teas you have received. Please feel free to let me know in the comments below!

Please note: I was not paid to write this review. I bought this product with my own money and the review is based off my own honest opinion. However, I do have a referral link here. If you do use this link, you can get $5 off your first box it would just help me get some points towards a free box. Thanks for reading and for your support!