Brewing loose leaf tea doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. There are many ways to enjoy loose leaf tea without needing a lot of fancy equipment. While tea bags are convenient, there is nothing quite like enjoying the quality taste of loose leaf teas. Here are some simple ways to enjoy loose leaf tea:

Using an infuser: There’s so many different types of infusers that you can puchase in stores or online. Infusers are also easy to use. Simply load the influser with your tea leaves and immerse the infuser into your water. I would recommend using a bigger infuser so that the tea leaves can expand and let out all of its flavor.

Using a teapot with a built in filter: Look for teapots with a filter already built in. I personally like this one I bought from Ikea for around $9. This is a great option if you plan on making tea for multiple people.

Using a French press: If you already have a French press on hand for coffee, then you are in luck because it can be used for loose leaf teas too. The best part about a French press is that you can stop the infusion when needed. You can also use a teapot with a built in French press like the Bodum teapot pictured above.

Using tea bags: Another option is to use teabags that can be filled up yourself. This is a great option for those who like the convenience of tea bags and still want to enjoy their loose leaf tea. You can also fill up multiple at once for when you are on the go and want to quickly grab a tea bag.

What is your favorite way to brew loose leaf tea? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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Simple Ways to Brew Loose Leaf Tea - Brewing loose leaf tea doesn't have to be difficult. There's many simple ways to enjoy your loose leaf tea.