I have been a huge fan of Yogi Tea for a long time. Many of their teas have amazing health benefits while still tasting amazing. Yogi Teas are sold in many stores and can also be purchased online which makes it a convenient tea to buy.

I was drawn to the Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea because of its mood lifting benefits. The tea claims to support your mood and help with your energy levels. Yogi Sweet Tangerine uses black assam tea along with several other herbs, including lemongrass, stevia leaf, and ashwagandha root.

I found the taste of this tea to be very pleasant. It has a fruity flavor, and smells amazing. The citrus scent and taste makes you feel instantly happy. This tea is also great if you need a boost of caffeine. I feel like I can get so much done with just one cup of this tea.

Another thing I like about this tea is that it is is difficult to ruin. Even if I leave the tea bag in the water too long, it still has a pleasant taste that is not overwhelming. If you’re looking for a tea that tastes good and gives you a boost of energy, I highly recommend this tea.