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    Yogi Tea Review – Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy

    I have been a huge fan of Yogi Tea for a long time. Many of their teas have amazing health benefits while still tasting amazing. Yogi Teas are sold in many stores and can also be purchased online which makes it a convenient tea to buy. I was drawn to the Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea because of its mood lifting benefits. The tea claims to support your mood and help with your energy levels. Yogi Sweet Tangerine uses black assam tea along with several other herbs, including lemongrass, stevia leaf, and ashwagandha root. I found the taste of this tea to be very pleasant. It has a fruity flavor,…

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    Zest Tea Review – An Alternative to Coffee?

    I was intrigued when I first heard about Zest Tea. The company claims that their tea has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. As someone who relies heavily on tea every morning for a boost of energy, I decided that I had to try it. Without much hesitation, I made an order on Amazon, and the tea arrived at my doorstep in a couple of days. There were a variety of flavors to choose from, and I went with the pomegranant mojito which has green tea, peppermint, tea extract, natural pomegrant flavor, and natural lime flavor. The first thing that stood out to me was the packaging. The…